Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Convinced it’s a hoax? Scientific literature suggests there’s an actual neural basis behind hypnosis.

Read below Kelly Tatera's informative and entertaining article from The Science Explorer on the science behind hypnosis.

Hypnosis and science are typically viewed as polar opposites. After all, the career of an eccentric fellow in a purple cape cooing “You are getting sleepy” seems distinctively different to that of a researcher in a white lab coat.
However, scientific literature argues that there is, indeed, a scientific basis for hypnosis and mind-reading.
Simply stated, hypnosis is a unique state of consciousness, and there are a number of brain regions affected. As discovered in a 2016 study published in the journal Cerebral Cortex, there are three hallmarks of a hypnotized brain.

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First, the activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate decreases, which is a region involved in cognition and motor control.
Second, there’s an increase in connectivity between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the insula, which constitutes a brain-body connection that helps the brain process and control what’s happening in the body.
Finally, the connectivity between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the default mode network is reduced, which likely indicates a disconnect between an individual’s actions and awareness of those actions.
Although it’s true that some people are more easily hypnotized than others, there are still actual changes that occur in the brain during a hypnotic state.
When it comes to mind-reading, as artfully stated by The Telegraph’s Olivia Goldhill, “You may believe your thoughts are intangible and inscrutable, but all mental activity is communicated via electrical impulses.”
In our increasingly digitized world, scientists continue to develop technologies that may one day enable us to communicate completely via the mind. For instance, Chinese scientists are working on a mind-controlled car, while volunteers played the game 20 Questions via mind-reading machines in a 2015 experiment.
While we wait for the science world’s mind-reading technologies to be fine-tuned, are you interested in seeing some mind-boggling human-to-human mind-reading? Meet The Sentimentalists, a pair of world renowned “mentalists,” named Mysterion and Steffi Kay.
You can explore their Facebook page for further information here.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Can hypnosis get rid of sugar addiction?

Read Carla Challis's fascinating and entertaining account of what happened when she tried hypnotherapy to help beat her sugar addiction.
Hypnosis for sugar addiction

I can put it away. Sugar that is. Give me anything sweet and I’ll eat the lot – in one go.
I can plough through a family-sized bar of Dairy Milk in a mere whisper of time and still crave more; I’ve been known to eat a whole angel cake in one sitting followed by half a packet of chocolate biscuits.
I know what you’re thinking. Glutton. Pig. Get some willpower. I’d say that too. You see, it’s not that I do it all the time, but it’s certainly more than at Easter and Christmas, when that kind of behaviour is a little more acceptable.
I’ve even had to ban sweet snacks at home – I can’t think of anything else if I know there’s a packet of biscuits in the cupboard or a few chocolate bars languishing around. And usually before I know it, I’ve not only eaten some but the whole lot.
So yes, a sweet tooth is definitely something I’m lucky enough to possess. My willpower is reasonably strong on most things but sugar isn’t one of them.
I’d say I was a ripe candidate, then, to try hypnotherapy to see if it would help me quit sugar.
I was secretly wondering whether I’d find myself in the middle of a Derren Brown-style situation where I’d be leaping around the room clucking like a chicken. Or was hoping at least that I’d unearth some buried, dark reason why I love the sweet stuff. 
Unfortunately, I’m not that deep. I just really like it.
Thankfully, the Derren Brown scenario didn’t happen either.
Instead, it was all rather relaxing.
hypnosis for weight lossIn a basement room of a gorgeous old building off Chancery Lane, I met with Aaron Surtees, Director and Clinical Hypnotherapist of City Hypnosis.
After a quick chat about my sugar-lovin’, I bombarded Aaron with a ton of questions.
Would I cry? What if I can’t relax? What if I can’t go ‘under’? Will you tell me I’m feeling very sleepy?
Maybe, you will, everyone does and no, I won’t, he said.
I was, in all honestly, a little nervous. I was mainly worried I simply wouldn’t relax enough for it to work but true to his word, Aaron, who treats clients with hypnotherapy for everything from weight management to gambling addictions, had me feeling pretty zen in a matter of minutes.
As I reclined in the comfy leather chair, Aaron spoke into a microphone attached to a pair of headphones that I was wearing – which he would do for the next 30-40 minutes.
With my eyes closed, Aaron’s soothing voice soon relaxed me – I possibly even nodded off at one point. I wish I could tell you exactly what he was saying as I lay there practically comatose, but I was so chilled out I barely remember a thing.
One thing I do remember were the visualisation exercises Aaron asked me to. I had to imagine a lift with buttons. With every button I pressed I became more and more relaxed. Even typing this is making me feel a tad sleepy. Don’t ask me how, but it worked.
hypnotherapy sessionHypnotherapy is all about the power of positive persuasion, and at one point Aaron planted the seed of thought that I’d rather tuck into fresh fruit or vegetables than a chocolate bar.
The minutes just whizzed by. By the end, when Aaron was telling me to open my eyes, I didn’t feel dazed or confused but completely and utterly chilled out. That night, not only did I not fancy any sugar, but I wasn’t even particularly hungry. After a dinner of a small chicken salad, I made myself a peppermint tea which tasted so crazily sweet I couldn’t even finish it.
Over the next few days I noticed that I wasn’t reaching for any snacks that weren’t fruit-shaped. Even with cakes and biscuits scattered around the office, I was quite happy with a banana and water.
But Rome wasn’t built in a day and my sugar addiction wasn’t going to be cured with just one session. A week later, I was back in Aaron’s office ready for another 40 minutes of lying down and doing absolutely nothing.
Following the same routine as the first session, I found myself drifting even further this time. I can only liken it to the moment you feel just before you fall asleep, where you’re still vaguely aware of what’s going on around you but not really taking any notice of it. You're there but you're not there, if that makes sense.
Aaron even noticed I had gone further (hopefully I wasn’t grinding my teeth like I normally do before I nod off).
Again, 40 minutes went in a flash and again, I felt the same post-session. Did that feeling last? Well, yes and no.
While I felt like I didn’t want any sugar whatsoever following both sessions and for a few days afterwards, my cravings have, annoyingly, come back.
What has worked though is that I’m able to resist sugary treats more than I was and I’m even able to eat a little at a time rather than scoffing the whole lot.
As one friend said to me, you need some willpower in the first place for this to work and they’re right; but it’s that willpower that made me make the appointment to go in the first place. I want to stop eating so much sugar and I feel like Aaron’s work has ignited that little flash of willpower I do have in me to say no – OK, not every single time but a lot more than I used to.
Which has got to count for something, right?  
Could hypnosis get rid of my sugar addiction? Find out what happened when we ‘went under’: Can hypnotherapy really curb your sweet tooth? Carla Challis and her saccharine-loving molars took a course of hypnosis to find out.
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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Mum addicted to drinking a whopping 24 cans of Red Bull a DAY is finally cured through hypnotherapy

24 Cans a day - She knew she needed help if only to save her purse.
A mum-of-four has been cured of her addiction to RED BULL after using hypnosis to overcome her habit of downing a whopping 24 cans a DAY.
Sarah Weatherill who was addicted to drinking 24 cans of Red Bull energy drink a day whilst studying Law (© Newsteam / SWNS Group)
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Sarah Weatherill who was addicted to drinking 24 cans of Red Bull energy drink a day whilst studying Law (© Newsteam / SWNS Group)
Sarah Weatherill, 31, forked out a staggering £5,460 every year on the high caffeine energy drink since she became hooked in 2009.
Read how she did it here
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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Newsroom star Olivia Munn Used Hypnotherapy to motivate herself to exercise

The 'Magic Mike' actress claims she only started working out a year ago when she went to a hypnotherapist who motivated her to hit the gym every morning at 6am - and she has been doing it ever since. She originally attended the hypnotherapy session for help her with her trichotillomania - a condition where a person feels compelled to pull their hair out. 

She explained in an interview with cosmetics guru Bobbi Brown for Yahoo! Beauty: "I used to never exercise because I just hated the idea of all of it. But I saw this hypnotist (I have an OCD called Trichotillomania) and in one session he threw something in about working out and by the next week I was up every morning at 6am. "I've been working out consistently ever since, and it's been almost a year now." 

Olivia also revealed she invented her own diet which involved only eating meals where she could see every single ingredient. She said: "In 2009, I lost 16 pounds in two months because I came up with my own diet which was if I can't see it I can't eat it. If I go to a restaurant and say I'll have the soup, I can't see every single ingredient they put in - how much salt? How much sugar? "I can't see it unless I make it myself at home, so that takes away breads and other hidden ingredients." 

While Olivia admits she sometimes feels insecure about her Chinese heritage, she thinks it's important to change the all-American standard of beauty. She explained: "When I was younger, what I saw as the face of beauty was very standard all-American white blonde hair blue eyes. "So any time I feel uncomfortable, or I wish something was different, I just have to wash it away because I have to be a role model for my niece, and if I have daughters be role models for them and be comfortable with myself." 

 Read the full article HERE 

In all areas of life, be it sports, business or just having a happy life the most successful people are often the most motivated. It is especially important to have clearly defined goals to achieve what you want. Hypnotherapy can help by allowing you to focus your mind on your goals.

If you feel you need to constantly find ways to motivate yourself then it's likely your goals are not well enough defined. A goal of becoming more motivated is not good enough. If you have a goal of achieving something specific in your life then the motivation will probably take care of itself. 

Hypnotherapy can help with motivation whether it be for sports performance, exercise, weight control, studying, career development or even just motivating yourself to develop a more positive outlook.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

It's a Win Win - Give up smoking & save money using Hypnotherapy

If you smoke, you don’t need another lecture on the health benefits of quitting, but just think about the difference that giving up smoking can make to your finances? Never underestimate the financial benefit of giving up cigarettes; quitting smoking will save you money, and lots of it!

Someone with a 20 a day habit can save £2,900/$4,900 a year by quitting.
If you're struggling to find the motivation to stop, then looking at the amount of money you could save should really help.

If you needed any more convincing just look at the science - recent research has shown that your chance of successfully changing a health-related behaviour increases by 50% if there's a financial reward at the end of it.

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What about Hypnotherapy and Smoking – Does it Work?

Hypnotherapy can definitely help. Perhaps you have tried to stop smoking before only to find yourself lighting up weeks, months, or even years later.  My treatment only costs £125, so you can see that it is a worthwhile investment to make in your future.
No need for Nicotine patches or gum; all you need is your commitment and a one off hypnotherapy & counselling session. Quitting smoking should not be difficult or unpleasant. While Nicotine is a difficult substance to go without when giving up smoking, the Nicotine from your last cigarette will be out of your system within 48 hours. It is that simple, a tricky few days and then a lifetime of freedom.

So why hasn't it been that easy previously? Simple - you didn't deal with the psychological addiction of smoking. In fact, you probably put cigarettes up on some kind of a pedestal. The amazing combination of Hypnotherapy & Counselling is ideal for this helping you to deal with both the emotional and psychological aspects of giving up smoking. Giving you all tools you will need to become a non smoker. 
You are 10 times more likely to remain a non smoker if you give up using Hypnotherapy. During the session we will look at all your smoking triggers and make sure you have the coping mechanisms, motivation and determination to become a non smoker.

You need to stay smoke free and the good news is that this is a skill you can learn. The Hypnotherapy smoking cessation programme you will learn that stopping smoking is a choice you can make and will show you how to put that into practice. This means you can…

         Stay off cigarettes without feeling deprived, irritable, anxious or depressed
         Deal effectively with crises and other stresses which may have driven you back to smoking in the past
         Learn how not to substitute by over-eating etc.
During the 90 minute session using clinical hypnotherapy, a powerful natural process effective in helping you to stop smoking. You will also be taught powerful techniques to help you stop smoking for good.
You will still require some will-power and motivation.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Retired Woman Uses Hypnotherapy to Beat Chocolate Addiction and Lose 7 stone

An ex-chocoholic from Litherland, Merseyside has shared an interesting story on how she managed to beat her addiction to sweets and chocolate using hypnotherapy.
Janet Tansley, 63, resorted to hypnosis after becoming worried about the amount of sweet treats she was consuming every day.  
Ms Tansley admitted to she was starting to feel "desperate" after becoming hooked on chocolate during her time working at a vending machine firm.
Janet would typically go through six chocolate bars every single day whilst picking at tins and selection boxes of her favourite brands.
After ballooning to 18 stone and with "absolutely no willpower", she sought the assistance of a trained hypnotherapist in a last-ditch attempt to fend off her demons.   
"I had tried other weight loss plans and, while I lost weight, I would always put it right back on. So I researched hypnotherapy for about a year and, eventually, my sister-in-law said 'go for it'," she told the Liverpool Echo.
Ms Tansley's addiction was treated using "hypnotic aversion therapy", which included  natural techniques like a 'hypnotic gastric band and mind management strategies.
As reported by, this technique was used by Kate Middleton
in her battle against an acute aversion to food whilst suffering from morning sickness. 
Eventually, with the help of hypnotherapy and its various techniques, Ms Tansley managed to gain control of her habit and claims to have never touched chocolate since. 
She now weighs just 11st, goes swimming every day and says the whole experience has changed her life.

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Read the full article here
Retiree Uses Hypnotherapy To Beat Chocolate Addiction