Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Newsroom star Olivia Munn Used Hypnotherapy to motivate herself to exercise

The 'Magic Mike' actress claims she only started working out a year ago when she went to a hypnotherapist who motivated her to hit the gym every morning at 6am - and she has been doing it ever since. She originally attended the hypnotherapy session for help her with her trichotillomania - a condition where a person feels compelled to pull their hair out. 

She explained in an interview with cosmetics guru Bobbi Brown for Yahoo! Beauty: "I used to never exercise because I just hated the idea of all of it. But I saw this hypnotist (I have an OCD called Trichotillomania) and in one session he threw something in about working out and by the next week I was up every morning at 6am. "I've been working out consistently ever since, and it's been almost a year now." 

Olivia also revealed she invented her own diet which involved only eating meals where she could see every single ingredient. She said: "In 2009, I lost 16 pounds in two months because I came up with my own diet which was if I can't see it I can't eat it. If I go to a restaurant and say I'll have the soup, I can't see every single ingredient they put in - how much salt? How much sugar? "I can't see it unless I make it myself at home, so that takes away breads and other hidden ingredients." 

While Olivia admits she sometimes feels insecure about her Chinese heritage, she thinks it's important to change the all-American standard of beauty. She explained: "When I was younger, what I saw as the face of beauty was very standard all-American white blonde hair blue eyes. "So any time I feel uncomfortable, or I wish something was different, I just have to wash it away because I have to be a role model for my niece, and if I have daughters be role models for them and be comfortable with myself." 

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In all areas of life, be it sports, business or just having a happy life the most successful people are often the most motivated. It is especially important to have clearly defined goals to achieve what you want. Hypnotherapy can help by allowing you to focus your mind on your goals.

If you feel you need to constantly find ways to motivate yourself then it's likely your goals are not well enough defined. A goal of becoming more motivated is not good enough. If you have a goal of achieving something specific in your life then the motivation will probably take care of itself. 

Hypnotherapy can help with motivation whether it be for sports performance, exercise, weight control, studying, career development or even just motivating yourself to develop a more positive outlook.

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