Thursday, 29 May 2014

It's a Win Win - Give up smoking & save money using Hypnotherapy

If you smoke, you don’t need another lecture on the health benefits of quitting, but just think about the difference that giving up smoking can make to your finances? Never underestimate the financial benefit of giving up cigarettes; quitting smoking will save you money, and lots of it!

Someone with a 20 a day habit can save £2,900/$4,900 a year by quitting.
If you're struggling to find the motivation to stop, then looking at the amount of money you could save should really help.

If you needed any more convincing just look at the science - recent research has shown that your chance of successfully changing a health-related behaviour increases by 50% if there's a financial reward at the end of it.

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What about Hypnotherapy and Smoking – Does it Work?

Hypnotherapy can definitely help. Perhaps you have tried to stop smoking before only to find yourself lighting up weeks, months, or even years later.  My treatment only costs £125, so you can see that it is a worthwhile investment to make in your future.
No need for Nicotine patches or gum; all you need is your commitment and a one off hypnotherapy & counselling session. Quitting smoking should not be difficult or unpleasant. While Nicotine is a difficult substance to go without when giving up smoking, the Nicotine from your last cigarette will be out of your system within 48 hours. It is that simple, a tricky few days and then a lifetime of freedom.

So why hasn't it been that easy previously? Simple - you didn't deal with the psychological addiction of smoking. In fact, you probably put cigarettes up on some kind of a pedestal. The amazing combination of Hypnotherapy & Counselling is ideal for this helping you to deal with both the emotional and psychological aspects of giving up smoking. Giving you all tools you will need to become a non smoker. 
You are 10 times more likely to remain a non smoker if you give up using Hypnotherapy. During the session we will look at all your smoking triggers and make sure you have the coping mechanisms, motivation and determination to become a non smoker.

You need to stay smoke free and the good news is that this is a skill you can learn. The Hypnotherapy smoking cessation programme you will learn that stopping smoking is a choice you can make and will show you how to put that into practice. This means you can…

         Stay off cigarettes without feeling deprived, irritable, anxious or depressed
         Deal effectively with crises and other stresses which may have driven you back to smoking in the past
         Learn how not to substitute by over-eating etc.
During the 90 minute session using clinical hypnotherapy, a powerful natural process effective in helping you to stop smoking. You will also be taught powerful techniques to help you stop smoking for good.
You will still require some will-power and motivation.

To Get Help Now with quitting smoking or dealing with other addictions: 
Tel: Southport Hypno 07756259453

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