Monday, 14 April 2014

Retired Woman Uses Hypnotherapy to Beat Chocolate Addiction and Lose 7 stone

An ex-chocoholic from Litherland, Merseyside has shared an interesting story on how she managed to beat her addiction to sweets and chocolate using hypnotherapy.
Janet Tansley, 63, resorted to hypnosis after becoming worried about the amount of sweet treats she was consuming every day.  
Ms Tansley admitted to she was starting to feel "desperate" after becoming hooked on chocolate during her time working at a vending machine firm.
Janet would typically go through six chocolate bars every single day whilst picking at tins and selection boxes of her favourite brands.
After ballooning to 18 stone and with "absolutely no willpower", she sought the assistance of a trained hypnotherapist in a last-ditch attempt to fend off her demons.   
"I had tried other weight loss plans and, while I lost weight, I would always put it right back on. So I researched hypnotherapy for about a year and, eventually, my sister-in-law said 'go for it'," she told the Liverpool Echo.
Ms Tansley's addiction was treated using "hypnotic aversion therapy", which included  natural techniques like a 'hypnotic gastric band and mind management strategies.
As reported by, this technique was used by Kate Middleton
in her battle against an acute aversion to food whilst suffering from morning sickness. 
Eventually, with the help of hypnotherapy and its various techniques, Ms Tansley managed to gain control of her habit and claims to have never touched chocolate since. 
She now weighs just 11st, goes swimming every day and says the whole experience has changed her life.

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Retiree Uses Hypnotherapy To Beat Chocolate Addiction



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