Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hypnotist helped boy to conquer 'extreme' fear of flying

A SCHOOLBOY petrified of flying has returned to the UK today after almost 16 months of being stranded in Abu Dhabi thanks to a hypnotist who used course of hypnotherapy to help him overcome his fear.

Watch the tearful reunion below.

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Schoolboy grounded in Abu Dhabi due to fear of flying returns to UK thanks to hypnotherapy

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Is lack of sleep making you fat? Sleep deprivation examined

Are you sleep deprived?
hypnotherapy for insomnia

Watch this video in which Russell Foster explains why we sleep.  Russell studies sleep and its role in our lives, examining how our perception of light influences our sleep-wake rhythms.Russell 

Foster briefly covers the physiological processes involved in sleep, focusing on explaining just how important sleep is to mental health. Sleep disruption is often a precursor and symptom of many mental health problems.

So if you are suffering sleep deprivation it is certainly worth considering hypnotherapy which promotes sleep by deep relaxation and is entirely natural rather than taking drugs to sleep.

Sleep deprivation leads to poor memory, poor creativity, increased impulsiveness and poor. To compound this tired brains crave things to wake them up; drugs, alcohol, and even carbohydrates

This means not only do stress levels increase but there is a direct correlation between weight gain and lost or disrupted sleep.
Foster tells us an amazing and frightening statistic. If a person has five hours of sleep or less that there is a 50% likelihood of that person being obese.

This is scary - apparently, loss of sleep leads to the release of a hormone called ghrelin in the body, and when the brain is subjected to ghrelin we seek out carbohydrates and sugars. This means there is a direct link between disrupted sleep and obesity.

And there's more - tired people get stressed. Stress leads to loss of memory, and sustained stress also leads to loss of immunity. Foster adds that; if there is continuous stress that it leads to increased glucose being released into the body. This can lead to glucose intolerance and diabetes and increases the likelihood of higher blood pressure.

Hypnotherapy can help you sleep. In fact, the word hypnotherapy comes from the Greek "hypnos", meaning sleep. Hypnosis isn't sleep, though it shares some important characteristics with it. Hypnosis is a state of consciousness in which the mind becomes very adaptable to change. In hypnosis you are able to re-write old sleep habits and reduce stress and feel relaxed in both and mind. This can help you achieve a decent nights sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

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