Tuesday, 3 September 2019

11 Weird and Wonderful Uses for Hypnosis

twitter fail image
Twitter Ye Not
Using Twitter to get rid of writer’s block is a technique being used by Berkshire-based hypnotherapist Tom Evans. In just 13 minutes, Tom claims he can show you how you can use the 280 characters of Twitter and a blog to structure and write a whole book.

hypnotherapy for phobisaAfter answering an advert appealing for phobics to come forward for a TV programme, a woman from Essex had her irrational fear of maggots cured. Before the therapy she made her fisherman husband strip off and shower outside after fishing trips and feared that maggots were targeting her house. "My phobia was really affecting my life,” she said. “Every day I would worry that I would hear the word or see one. I've even got a jar of Robert's maggots in my fridge now."
Hypnotherapy for IBS
Hypnotherapy may be able to cure irritable bowel syndrome after trials showed it has a 70 per cent success rate. Doctors claim the mind relaxing technique combats the condition, which causes constipation, diarrhoea, cramps and nausea. The treatment is so successful that there is an 18-month waiting list of people lining up to try the therapy at Manchester's Wythenshawe Hospital.

Hypnotherapy for PhobiaA woman who was so sacred of fruit that she couldn't bear to have a fruit bowl in the house was cured of the bizarre phobia through a session of hypnotherapy. “I'm now able to peel an apple and a banana for my children and I feel really proud that I actually have a fruit bowl in the house," she said after the treatment. "I used to worry about passing my phobia on, but luckily it has had the opposite effect - the kids adore fruit.
Hypnotherapy for nerves
Learning to drive
Back in 2006 a Norfolk driving school become the first in the country to offer hypnotherapy to help nervous learners pass their tests. Kimberley Mercer, the driving school’s hypnotherapist, said: “It is the little voice inside them I speak to and I turn around those negative thoughts.”

Hypnotherapy for smoking
Smoking and Scampi Fries
30-a-day smoker Darren Corbett had his cigarette cravings cured by a hypnotist at his local pub, but ended up with an addiction to seafood-flavoured snack Scampi Fries instead. He now spends £11 a day on them, almost twice as much as he used to spend on ciggies. “When my mates go outside for a smoke, I sit inside and munch,” said Corbett.

Hypnotherapy for pain reliefPain Free Childbirth
Hypnosis can be used to create relaxation during contractions in childbirth. It also helps to create a positive, trusting attitude toward the labour and birthing processes. Stress hormones are eliminated that are fundamentally responsible for the pain in childbirth. Instead, wonderful endorphins that are your body's natural pain relievers (and nature's love drug) are elevated, thus keeping the labouring mother in a state of relaxation and having a sense of well-being. Kate Middleton is believed to have used it in the recent birth of baby George.

Post-hypnotic suggestion
Hypnotherapy Perhaps one of the most important aspects of hypnosis is its ability to suggest and influence courses of action to people both inside of and outside the hypnotic trance. A suggestion given within a state of hypnosis that will have effect outside is called a post-hypnotic suggestion. These types of suggestions can have a profound and meaningful effect when trying to influence discordant habitual behaviour like smoking or gambling.

healthy eating
Chicken Nuggets
Imagine eating nothing but chicken nuggets and chips for 18 years, a student was recently weaned off her unhealthy diet by a hypnotherapist and started to eat vegetables and pasta. Since she was two-years-old Carla Laban was violently sick after every meal unless it was chicken nuggets, but now she is starting to enjoy other foods. McDonalds aren’t too please though!
According to Australian psychologist Dr Janet Hall hypnosis can help cure women of sex phobias such as the fear of sperm and vaginismus, a fear of intercourse. "I've found that with hypnosis you can get them to rehearse the sex act in the safety of their own imagination," Dr Hall told a conference in Sydney.

Last year a man who could not afford a dentist's bill had two rotten teeth and roots removed without an anaesthetic, thanks to hypnosis. Leslie Mahon from Colchester said: "It was incredible. There is no worse pain than that inflicted by dentists but I didn't feel any.”

Forensic hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for memory lossHypnosis has been used often in enhancing the memory of participants in criminal court cases, primarily with victims or witnesses to enhance the memory of the event. It was used in the cases of Ted Bundy, Sam Shepherd and Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler. In the case of DeSalvo, it was used with the defendant himself.

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