Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hypnosis & hypnotherapy stories

In Bedford Today reporter Hayley O’Keeffe writes about how hypnosis saved her from a lifetime of catching the bus.

English: Little End Road, Still Learning But m...
English: Little End Road, Still Learning But maybe a driver has celebrated passing the driving test. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I failed my driving test six times, there I said it.
Aged 28 this was not a good thing for me, learning to drive was something I felt I should have done a lot, lot sooner, but as circumstances dictated it just never quite happened.
I’ve had plenty of lessons mind you, and whenever I had any spare money would spend it on intensive courses to try and get myself that illusive pink card.
Read the full story and watch the video here

Crystal Palace in a trance as boss calls in hypnotherapist ahead of big Premier League kick-off

English: Ian Holloway as manager of Blackpool,...
English: Ian Holloway as manager of Blackpool, September 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Meanwhile after eight years away from the Premier League, Crystal Palace shouldn't need much motivation ahead of their season opener with Tottenham on Sunday week.
But manager Ian Holloway - taking no chances - has had his players hypnotised before the big match to ensure they're psychologically sharp.
Former world boxing champ Glenn Catley, now a qualified hypnotherapist, has been visiting the club regularly since the players returned for pre-season training last month.

Read the full story by David Kent in the Daily Mail Online here

Children finally get dream Disney trip after hypnotism cures dad's fear of flying.

Clare Johnston in the Daily Record reports on how Glasgow based life coach Ali Campbell used his own combination of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis to tackle David's fear of flying.

Read the full story here

Meanwhile in the USA Fox News  asks- Does hypnosis really help with weight loss?

Dr Manny Alvarez gives his expert view on the effectiveness of hypnosis in aiding weight loss.

Read the full article here

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