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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Programme - Lose weight quickly

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Imagine that you could experience the benefits of a surgical gastric band without incurring the astronomical costs or any of the potential risk that are involved with any major surgery.  Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a proven alternative. It's safe, it’s effective & it’s quick.
Hypno Band SouthportGastric Band Hypnotherapy not only reduces your desire to overeat, it also resolves your unhealthy eating patterns eg sweet cravings , grazing, outsize portions, eating too many takeaways, drinking too much alcohol. It stops the need to overeat & promotes a healthier lifestyle, raising the likelihood of long term success. Plus as an extra bonus it will leave you with a healthy body and high self-esteem.
Gastric Band hypnosis uses hypnotherapy to convince your subconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted. This will result in you feeling full much quicker and stop you from over eating just as though you have had a surgical gastric band fitted.
If you really want to lose weight and show the necessary commitment gastric band hypnotherapy will help you to achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy is a safe, risk free and cost effective alternative to traditional Gastric Band Surgery.
Use the power of your subconscious mind to change your relationship with food forever.
What will happen on the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy programme?
The programme consists of 4-5 sessions, each a week apart.
During the initial consultation we will take an in-depth look into your eating habits and your general health and well-being.  We will try and identify anything that has stopped you from being successful at losing weight in the past and we will plan the way forward.  We will give you clear instructions as to what will happen and what your part in it will be.  We identify and clear away some of the psychological issues getting in the way of your weight loss. This usually takes about 1 ½ hours.
In the second session we will assess your food diary for the week & address any remaining bad habits, beliefs or behaviours getting between you & successful weight loss.
A week later, we again review your food diary & if everything is on track we proceed to fit your band. If there are any ongoing negative behaviours at this point a third resolution session is required & the band will be fitted in the fourth session if you are then on track. There is simply no point in applying the band if you are still eating unhealthily at that point.
When you are ready for the fitting of your Hypno-gastric band we go through the preparation & your virtual surgery in a deep hypnotic state. The Hypno-Gastric band will be tested & retested through hypnosis to ensure it is successfully installed.
gastric band hypnotherapyThe Hypno-Gastric band is very like a jubilee clip which is tightened around the top quarter of your stomach to reduce the volume you can hold in your stomach before feeling full and to slow the passage of the food in your stomach into the colon. The opening into the bottom half of your stomach (which effectively becomes the start of your colon) is the diameter of your little finger.

As such you are very restricted in the volume of food you can hold in your reduced stomach space & feel full much more quickly & for longer than you have in the past.
Are you suitable for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy? There are some restrictions which would make the gastric band hypnotherapy unsuitable for you - if this is the case you would be better suited to traditional weight loss hypnotherapy. This would be discussed at the initial consultation and you would not be charged if you elected not to proceed.
Once you have achieved your ideal weight you should have a Band Adjustment session to enable you to maintain your weight & increase your portion sizes to non- weight loss levels

The program costs £225 and covers 6 sessions

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Nanny said...

Hey, OK, so I tried this and it sounds relaxing; nice music and calm voice, but there is too much talk of places to go to in your mind to relax and to feel and do. I find my mind jumping from one suggestion to the next, trying to see it in my mind. I lost my concentration not even 5 min into the session. Great information at the begging though about what Gastric Band is. It was worth a try!Thanks you so much>>>>>>>>>>>

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