Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weight Loss - Hypnosis Cures Cake Addiction

Supermarket worker ate party-sized birthday cake every day for a year

"I was a Cake Head" said Adam Williams. 

 Adam, 29, would buy the giant sponges – intended to feed 40 people – after they were reduced at the end of his shift.
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
He said: “The cakes just became part of my routine. I would eat them like someone else would eat breakfast.
“After a little while I wasn’t even eating them because I really enjoyed them, it’s just what I did – I ate cake.”
Eventually Adam decided he needed to take action, he says, “I went to a hypnotherapy clinic as a desperate attempt to lose the weight as nothing else had worked.
“They were really good and after a session I immediately found myself drinking more water and just naturally eating less.
"I feel so much better now I’m down at 11 stone. I have much more enthusiasm for everything.”
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