Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weight Loss - Hypnosis Cures Cake Addiction

Supermarket worker ate party-sized birthday cake every day for a year

"I was a Cake Head" said Adam Williams. 

 Adam, 29, would buy the giant sponges – intended to feed 40 people – after they were reduced at the end of his shift.
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
He said: “The cakes just became part of my routine. I would eat them like someone else would eat breakfast.
“After a little while I wasn’t even eating them because I really enjoyed them, it’s just what I did – I ate cake.”
Eventually Adam decided he needed to take action, he says, “I went to a hypnotherapy clinic as a desperate attempt to lose the weight as nothing else had worked.
“They were really good and after a session I immediately found myself drinking more water and just naturally eating less.
"I feel so much better now I’m down at 11 stone. I have much more enthusiasm for everything.”
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Monday, 21 January 2013

Kate Middleton and Hypnotherapy

Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Mi...
Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hypnotherapy gets Royal seal of Approval 

Australian and US Magazines are reporting that Kate Middleton has used hypnotherapy to help with her reduced appetite

The 31-year-old wife of Prince William "still looks at food and feels nauseous," her friend Jessica Hay has told Australia's New Idea magazine.

Jessica added, "The hypnotherapy is taking away anynegative thoughts connected with food from the morning sickness and replacing them with cravings for healthy, nutritious food."

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Improving Sports Performance with Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for Improved Sports & Training Performance

About Sports Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Sports Performance
A golf ball. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hypnosis has been increasingly used in sport during the past 50 years and has recently seen an upsurge in interest from the sports research industry as well as sports participants. Countless famous  sports personalities have used hypnosis in the past, including boxers Ken Norton, Frank Bruno, Steve Collins and Nigel Benn, former England cricket captain Mike Brearley, athlete Iwan Thomas, and golfers Tiger Woods and Ian Woosnam.

Steve Hooker at the 2008 Olympic welcome home ...
Steve Hooker at the 2008 Olympic welcome home parade in Adelaide (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In recent times a number of high profile sports personalities have used hypnosis, including Association of Surf Professionals (ASP) Tour surfer Russell Winter, and Beijing Olympic shooting champion Vince Hancock and Pole-vaulter Steve Hooker. Hypnosis is also effective in team settings, with both Crystal Palace and Swindon Town employing the services of a hypnotherapist.

Just have a look at this video showing how the hypnotist Justin Tranz helps boxers in the USA. 

Sports Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis with traditional sports psychology to assist with many common sporting psychological problems. Great results have been achieved in building confidence, improving poor performance, and visualising new or complicated techniques.
Sports hypnosis Book
Sports hypnosis Book (Photo credit: Steve Mycoe)

Hypnosis works especially effectively when used to complement other psychological interventions for anxiety, motivation, mental blocks and competition preparation. Sports Hypnosis is now widely used in many sports to help sportsmen and sportswomen (both professional and amateur) with their mental training.

Sports Hypnosis is particularly effective for:
Competition Nerves
Mental Blocks
Overcoming Slumps in Performance
Learning New Techniques
Building Confidence
Improving Focus & Concentration
Returning from Injury

What is Sports Hypnosis?

Sports Hypnosis is the use of hypnosis in sports and activities to overcome particular psychological problems specific to sport, and to improve performance in general. 

Whatever your health, fitness or performance goals, Sports Hypnosis could help you to:
Set achievable outcomes
Hypnosis for Sports Performance Manage your weight
Overcome self-limiting beliefs
Change negative thoughts
Focus on what you want and be clear about why you want it
Increase motivation
Boost confidence
Manage anxiety levels
Visualise and rehearse success
Learn to change failure into feedback that can be used to improve your performance

Many people in the sports industry recognise that to perform at your best you need to train your mind as well as your body. This approach can be relevant to anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness. Self-belief can enhance anyone's performance whatever they are aiming for.
Hypnosis for Sports Performance
Hypnotherapy techniques such as imagery, visualisation, relaxation and mental rehearsal could help you develop your mental strength, come back from injury and improve focus and concentration in both training and competition.
If you are aiming to improve your general health and fitness this approach can help you set achievable goals, maintain motivation and overcome self limiting beliefs.
Hypnotherapy for Weight LossOther issues such as insomnia, stress, low self-esteem, weight and smoking can all hinder your best efforts. Hypnotherapy could help in these areas. A solution focused approach can also help to smooth out relationship issues if there is a conflict of interests. Studies have shown that participation in sport or exercise is significantly influenced by the attitude of a spouse or partner.

Get Help Now: 
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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Use Hypnotherapy to Achieve New Year Resolutions

English: "I Wish I could stop smoking"
English: "I Wish I could stop smoking" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hypnotherapy is the most effective way to make positive, long-lasting changes to your life.  
Hypnotherapy combined with counselling can be effective with a variety of different issues. If you want to make positive changes in your life hypnotherapy can be an excellent motivator. There may be things from your past that you would like to explore or there may be things in the present that you want to try and change. An ethical hypnotherapist will never claim to ‘cure’ you but they will explain how hypnotherapy may be able to help.
Weight Loss Progress
Weight Loss Progress (Photo credit: Lexinatrix)

  • Weight Loss – Healthy eating, motivation, bad eating habits removed.
  • Smoking Cessation Stop smoking, learn to give up without overeating
  • Addictions: Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Coffee, Internet Pornography 
  • Self-esteem related issues: e.g. blushing, jealousy, negative self-talk, lack of confidence.
  • Obsessions and compulsions: i.e. intrusive thoughts, obsessive thinking, compulsive urges and OCD
  • Behavioural difficulties: e.g. procrastination, self-sabotaging, emotional eating, unwanted habits, smoking 
  • Anxiety: e.g. social or work-based anxiety, specific phobias (dogs, needles, heights), a fear of flying, generalised anxiety disorder, agoraphobia
  • Sports Performance: e.g. increased focus and motivation,      overcoming performance anxiety, and developing a winning mindset
  • Insomnia: e.g. problems getting to sleep, early morning waking
  • Pain Management: IBS, Tinnitus
  • Menopausal Hot Flushes

Use Hypnosis to Achieve New Year Resolutions

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Use Hypnosis to Achieve New Year Resolutions
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