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Feeling Anxious? Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety
Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective and powerful tool in the fight against anxiety and panic attacks. Hypnosis is used to alter the sub conscious thought processes that lead to anxiety and panic. Hypnotherapy processes are used to reduce the anxiety levels that the client has previously experienced in a given situation.
The hypnotherapy is used to change the underlying sub conscious thinking and belief systems that support the anxiety. By accessing these beliefs the hypnotherapist is able to replace them with new beliefs, underpinned with coping mechanisms that allow the client to permanently manage their anxiety levels

Panic Disorder is a serious condition that affects up to 20% of the population. It often appears during the teens or early adulthood, and while the exact causes are unclear, there does seem to be a correlation with the major life transition stressors; graduating from college, getting married, having a first child, moving house and so on. Sometimes it begins with a particular event that scares the sub-conscious. You sub-conscious mind has one primary task in life and that is to keep you safe. You may recall when driving how you sometimes arrive at a place without being aware of the journey, this is because your subconscious has taken over and ensured your safety. 
Hypnotherapy for AnxietyIf you do get scared you (or maybe just embarrassed) your sub-conscious will seek to protect you by avoiding putting you in the same type of situations. This is what hypnotherapist mean when they talk about avoidance techniques.
With panic disorder there is also some evidence for a genetic predisposition.  If a family member has suffered from panic disorder in the past, you have an increased risk of suffering from it yourself.  The likelihood is increased during particularly stressful times in your life. Using hypnotherapy can significantly reduce your panic levels.

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder
Anxiety disorders are often accompanied by panic disorder which manifests itself by recurrent, spontaneous panic attacks. A panic attack is an intense period of fear or discomfort. During such an attack, a person may experience the following symptoms: 
  •  a racing heartbeat
  •  difficulty breathing, struggling to get enough air into your lungs
  •  terror that is almost paralysing and roots you to the spot
  •  dizziness, light-headedness or nausea
  •  trembling, sweating, shaking
  • choking, chest pains
  • hot flushes, or sudden chills
  •  tingling in fingers or toes (‘pins and needles’)
  •  fear that you’re going mad or are about to die

Hypnotherapy for AnxietyA panic attack is diagnosed when four or more of the symptoms are present. If there are 3 or less symptoms present the attack is described as “limited symptom attack”. Panic attacks often occur “out of the blue” and hypnotherapy is used to tackle many of the symptoms that sufferers experience.
You probably recognise this as the classic ‘fight or flight’ response that human beings experience when we are in a situation of danger. But during a panic attack, these symptoms seem to arise from out of nowhere. They occur in seemingly harmless situations–they can even happen while you are asleep.
Hypnotherapy for anxiety: Controlling the Panic
Hypnotherapy for AnxietyHypnotherapy treatments target the processes that we have learned. As with all learning it is not easy to ignore your learnt behaviour but it can be achieved using hypnotherapy. For example “you never forget how to ride a bike or swim even though you haven’t done it for years.  It is the same for your anxiety and panic once you have learned these processes it is very difficult to unlearn them on your own. Hypnotherapy is able to access these sub-conscious processes and help you learn new patterns of behaviour.

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