Monday, 12 November 2012

Hypnotherapy helps woman lose 6 stone

Hypnotherapy for Weight LossInteresting and inspiring story about a woman who has tried a variety of different diets, including  crash dieting, to no avail.  Then she discovered the power of hypnotherapy and hasn't looked back.

“I’ve become a totally different person,” said Sue Byrne, the 53-year-old Nuneaton mum of three grown-up sons.

“I used to hate myself – but those thoughts have gone. I’ve never before had such feelings of confidence and contentment.”
She says her transformation is a result of a form of hypnosis, which she discovered while trawling the internet to look for ways of drastically reducing her weight.

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Hypno Weight Loss

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Alexis Ogg said...

Therapy is helpful for the loss of the weight for the ladies. All the bulky ladies have been losing the weight with the help of the therapy on all basis and time frames for the schedules.

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