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Phobias, Fears & Derren Brown

Overcomimg Fears and Phobias

Hypnosis for Phobias and FearsAre you struggling with a fear or a phobia? Imagine how great it would feel to experience relief and finally be free of your fears.

Do your phobias create a compelling desire to avoid whatever it is you’re afraid of?

You probably realise that the situation may not even be dangerous, yet still it seems like a nightmare.

The following fascinating article by Ashlyn Kay from the excellent website tells us how in Part one of Derren Brown’s Fear and Faith programme on Channel 4 the illusionist shows the power of our own unconscious mind.

Ashlyn Kay writes:

“At the beginning of the programme he tells us he is testing a new drug called Rumyodin, which had previously only been used by the military to suppress fear and now that it was being released for public use, he wanted to discover just how effective it was. Participants with a wide variety of fears including a fear of heights, socialising, allergies, and smoking took part in the clinical trials with regular reporting on their progress. Over a short period of time each reported significant improvements, and he set up circumstances to ‘test’ their success on the ‘drug’.
A man, who had such a fear of heights and wouldn’t walk over a bridge, ended up standing on one of the highest viaducts in the UK.  
A shy nervous man who was anxious with even talking to people stepped in and broke up a bar brawl.
And all were delighted with this new wonder drug. But when he brought them all together at the end he admitted that the drug ‘Rumyodin’ was in fact a placebo,  sugar as well as the injections they were give only contained saline. He had created a pretend pharmaceutical company, a pretend ‘drug’ calling it Rumyodin and actors to make the whole experience credible.
What had worked was not the drug but the BELIEF that what they were taking would be the solution. They trusted the source and gave themselves the permission to succeed and this set up new patterns of behaviour, new ways of thinking.
 “You can now stop taking Rumyodin because the Rumyodin is YOUR MIND” he said. “You have all the resources already in you, by changing your beliefs.”
Derren Brown has proven through this demonstration that to say ‘it’s all in your mind’– means your beliefs determine your behaviour and the power to overcome anything with another’s help.
People do change, beliefs can be changed and people like you can succeed.”

©Copyright 2012 by Ashlyn Kaye, Hypnotherapy Hertford - All Rights Reserved.

Hypnosis can help you overcome your fears.

Is this you?

Your legs suddenly go weak…
You start breathing a little heavier…
Your heart skips a beat…

These are just a few of the physical reactions you may experience. You may also notice that your mouth gets dry or your stomach gets that hollow feeling.
The physical symptoms may be different for you but the results are the same.

If your phobias are holding you back and stopping you doing things you want to do you can be helped with hypnotherapy.

Overcoming your fears will allow you to become more confident in everyday situations.
Phobias are often triggered by some event, real or imagined, usually during a very intense emotional state. Fears can also be inspired by real life situations.  For example, if you travelled on an airplane and heard an unexplained noise at the same time as heavy turbulence occurred you may develop  a fear of flyingOr maybe when looking over the edge of a tall building someone played a prank and pushed you as you were peering over and a fear of heights was triggered.

Fears typically takes root during a heightened emotional state or experience.

Get Help Now
Hypnosis has been used very successfully to help people in overcoming fears.
With hypnosis, you are able to bypass the conscious mind and change the beliefs in the subconscious mind in a positive way.
During a personal hypnosis session, the client, guided by the hypnotherapist will discover the root cause of the phobia. The root cause is then re-framed so that the lesson is learned and the emotion is minimised. Post hypnotic suggestions reinforce the lesson. As long as these suggestions are accepted by the subconscious mind, they will be effective.

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Hypnotherapy helps woman lose 6 stone

Hypnotherapy for Weight LossInteresting and inspiring story about a woman who has tried a variety of different diets, including  crash dieting, to no avail.  Then she discovered the power of hypnotherapy and hasn't looked back.

“I’ve become a totally different person,” said Sue Byrne, the 53-year-old Nuneaton mum of three grown-up sons.

“I used to hate myself – but those thoughts have gone. I’ve never before had such feelings of confidence and contentment.”
She says her transformation is a result of a form of hypnosis, which she discovered while trawling the internet to look for ways of drastically reducing her weight.

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Hypno Weight Loss

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Diets don't work - try hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
A new study carried out by weight loss firm, Slimsticks makes interesting reading. An article in today’s Daily Mirror shows around 28% of young people (16 -24) embark on a new diet each month and 45% of them give up their new eating habits after a week. In addition, 48.9% of all dieters give up after a month.
This is really no surprise though, diets don’t work. You have to make positive long-lasting changes to your life. You have to rid yourself of the self-destructive patterns of behaviour that have become implanted in your brain.
At the moment your whole self is being controlled by what ever is programmed into your subconscious mind
This includes your eating habits. 
·      You are much more powerful than you think so why not harness the power of your own subconscious mind through hypnosis and make weight loss easy. 
·        This is achievable with hypnotherapy because hypnotherapy is the most effective way to make positive changes
Regardless of why you overeat, you must replace the emotional fix you sought in food with a satisfying substitute.  In the past, maybe a sugary/fatty snack seemed to help you relax, but what you really needed is an appealing, satisfying alternative.  Hypnosis will relax you, and reprogramme negative old habits that have sabotaged your weight goal efforts in the past. It will help you establish new options, your objectives are to:
·        Reduce your weight
·        Maintain your goal weight
·        Incorporate permanent improved food choices and lifestyle habits
The amount you eat, and the way in which you use food are patterns that have been established in your subconscious mind.  To change your negative eating pattern, a new pattern must be created.  You need to reprogramme your subconscious. This is accomplished with hypnosis.

Read the full Daily Mirror article by Danny Buckland here 

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