Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hypnotherapy helps with bonfire phobia

Nearly 13% of people are effected by phobias.  Read this story in the Daily Mirror about how one person overcame her fear of fireworks and attended her first fireworks party for over 20 years.

Anxiety UK charity chief Nicky Lidbetter says "There are ways to overcome phobias if the impact on the person's life is causing them to change their life dramatically to avoid the feared object or situation".  He goes on to say "Many people find cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), clinical hypnotherapy and relaxation helpful in managing their phobia".
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Daily Mirror 30th Oct 2010 by Eva Gizowsla

More information on Phobias

One of the most common reasons for people to seek hypnotherapy is for help overcoming a phobia. 
Common phobias include:
  • fear of spiders
  • fear of flying
  • fear of heights
  • fear of water
These can be easily cured using hypnotherapy techniques to help learn new behaviour patterns like staying calm rather than panicking. Sometimes, if a phobia is deeper and more disruptive as can be the case with severe agoraphobia or social phobia, then it is necessary to examine the issues surrounding the source of the phobia and work to resolve them. 

Phobias can be rooted in childhood misunderstanding. Children don't always have the logical tools and information to understand why Mum is standing on a chair shouting at a tiny mouse. They will often make a deep unconscious decision that the mouse is harmful or dangerous. A good hypnotherapist can address this by reprogramming the mind.
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